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Establishment and Operation of Deposit Stations Rules


1. The Delhi Library Board may establish Deposit Stations in any part of the Union Territory of Delhi subject to availability of resources.
2. For this purpose the Board shall authorise any public or private institution to operate a Deposit Station on its behalf subject to the rules in force and other instructions to be issued by the Director General, Delhi Public Library in pursuance thereof.
3. The authority willing to operate a Deposit Station on behalf of the Board shall have to apply to the Director General, Delhi Public Library.
4. The Institution concerned will have to satisfy the Director General, Delhi Public Library that it has the requisite accommodation, furniture, equipment and staff for operating the Deposit Station.
5. The Board will ordinarily provide book-stack only.
6. The Institution operating the Deposit Station shall be solely responsible for the safe custody of book-stack and other library property lent to it and shall have to make good losses, if any.
7. The membership of the Deposit Station shall be free and open to all the residents of the locality where it is situated.
8. The Deposit Station will have to be kept open for at least three hours daily either at a stretch or in two shifts fixed by the operating authority in consultation with the Director General, Delhi Public Library.
9. A Deposit Station is expected to have at least 200 registered members and a monthly issue of at least 500 within one year of its establishment.
10. The Deposit Station will in the first instance be opened for a period of one year at the end of which its working will be evaluated by the Director and a report made to the Chairman, Delhi Library Board.
11. The General Rules of the Delhi Public Library with regard to registration of members, borrowing of books etc. shall be applicable to the members of the Deposit Station.
12. The operating Institution shall nominate its representative who will assist the Director General, Delhi Public Library in proper running of the Deposit Station.
13. The Delhi Library Board shall have the exclusive right to close down any Deposit Station at any time after giving a notice of thirty days through the Secretary, Delhi Library Board to the authority operating the Deposit Station. The decision of the Board in this regard shall be final and binding.
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