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Gramophone Record & Cassette Library Rules

1. The members of the library shall also become the member for borrowing gramophone records and cassette library.
2. On signing the appropriate form any member of the library above the age of 18, may borrow gramophone records and cassettes but the Director General reserves the right to refuse any application for registration as a borrower or to cancel any registration at any time at his discretion.
3. The membership of Gramophone records and cassette library shall be valid up to the date of expir of the general membership ticket.
4. Gramophone records and cassettes will be issued only on production of the appropriate gramophone records and cassettes ticket, which shall be valid up to the date stamped on it.
5. Member shall have to deposit security of Rs. 50.00. The deposit will be refunded after the expiry of membership not earlier than three months at a week notice.
6. After deposit of the required money members shall be entitled to borrow a maximum 5SP/2EP/1LP record or 1 cassette at a time. .
7. Records/Cassettes may be borrowed/issued for seven days excluding the day of issue. This period may be extended for a further period of seven days or a shorter period provided that the records/cassettes are not required by any other member and that they are presented for reissue.
8. A borrower retaining a record/cassette beyond seven days/ unless an extension has been granted, shall pay overdue charges of 0.50 paise per disc up to a maximum of Rs. 40.00. Habitual over retention of records/cassettes may lead to the suspension or cancellation of gramophone records/cassettes library ticket.
9. In case any damage is done to the record/cassettes or the cover/ the member shall replace the record/cassettes or the cover or both as the case may be or pay the cost.
10. The borrower should examine records at the time of issue and report any damage or blemish to the concerned officer. The borrower shall be held responsible for any damage not reported earlier. Record/cassette shall be examined in the presence of the borrowers on return.
11. If one record/cassette of a set is damaged or lost/ the member shall be liable to replace the whole set. .
12. Such records/cassettes/ which might be difficult to replace and other records/cassettes declared as 'Not for issue' by the Director General, shall not be lent out unless specially allowed by the Director General.
13. The day and hours/ when the gramophone records/cassettes can be borrowed/issued from the library, shall be fixed from time-to-time.
14. Any record/cassette may be reserved for a borrower through ordinary post card.
15. Record/cassette will be reserved only for 3 days after the notification has been posted.
16. The use of any record/cassette which is the property of DELHI LIBRARY BOARD, shall not confer upon the borrower any right or license in respect of ownership or public performance.
17. Signing of the application form shall be deemed to have given the undertaking to the satisfaction of the Director General. 
a. That Gramophone/Tape recorder to be used is in good condition is of an appropriate type for the record, which is to be played. 
b. That the record will be handled by the edge and no finger marked on the surface and will be brushed before and after playing.
18. The rules mentioned above shall have precedence over the general rules of the library and in case they are contrary to the general rules, these rules shall prevail. Except as provided therein before, all other rules of the Central Library shall be applicable to the Gramophone Record and Cassette Library.
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