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Lending Library Rules



Only members shall have the right of access the Lending Library for the purpose of borrowing books. Their representative and others may be admitted and allowed to borrow books on their behalf provided they hold a letter or authority from the member concerned to the satisfaction of the LIO.


The counter for issue and return of books shall be closed 15 minutes before the closing time of the Lending Department.


A member must make his own arrangements for the conveyance of books to and from the Library.


A member may be given Membership Card against which he will be entitled to borrow for home-reading three volumes at a time, provided that the LIO may use his discretion to allow issue of only two or one book volume at certain units of the Library.


A book shall be lent to a member only in representation of his/ her Membership Card, which will be returned back to the reader after issue of the book(s). No book shall ordinarily be accepted unless all the charges due from the members are paid.


Members leaving Delhi or ceasing to use the Library facilities shall return Membership Card at the Registration Counter in the Library for cancellation. Members are advised to submit their membership cards in their own interest otherwise they Shall be responsible for books borrowed against these.


The holder of membership card is responsible for any book issued against it as shown by library records.


A member who has lost his Membership Card shall make a written report to this effect to the LIO and shall give an indemnity bond in the prescribed form and pay a fee of Rs. 20/- for the issue of Duplicate Membership Card. 


Before leaving the counter, the member shall satisfy himself as to whether the book lent to him is in sound condition and, if not, shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the LIO or his nominee; otherwise he is liable to be held responsible for the replacement of the book by a sound copy or to pay its cost and other charges.


If a book or its cover is damaged or lost, the cost of the book, the jacket, or any other expenses including registered notice charges incurred in endeavoring to secure the return of the book or the recovery of the cost shall be paid by the reader on whose card the book was borrowed. Any liabilities incurred by a reader in the retention of a book must be discharged before the book borrowed is returned or any other book is issued. Habitual over-retention of books may lead to the suspension or cancellation of membership by the LIO. Orders of the LIO in such cases shall be final and binding. Any amount due from the reader under these rules, if not paid, shall render the member or the parent or the guardian referred to under Rule 2(ii) liable to prosecution under civil or criminal law or both in force.


If one book of a set is damaged or lost, the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set.


The value of the loss shall be immediately deposited with the Library.


Members are not allowed to sub-lend the books of the Library or transfer the use of the privileges of their card.


Books on loan shall be returned within 14 days of their issue (excluding the date of issue or by the due date stamped on the book).


Book on loan can be recalled and the loan on book cab be terminated at any time at the discretion of the LIO.


If a book is not returned to the Library when due, an overdue charge of Rupees 2.00 for adults and Rupee 1.00  for children per volume per day. Maximum overdue charge levied is Rs. 200.00  for Adult and Rs. 100.00 for Children.


An Additional charge to cover the cost of postage shall be levied if the amount due from a defaulter is not paid until a legal notice is sent. The legal notice shall in the first instance, be sent under certificate of posting and if there is no response from the defaulter a registered notice will be sent for which an additional charge to cover the cost of postal registration shall be added to the Library dues. The charge for registered notice shall be fixed by the LIO from time to time on the basis of rates for registered letters fixed by the postal authorities. This charge shall be levied for each registered notice that is required to be sent.


The replacement cost of lost books charged from a member can be refunded to him, provided the books are returned within 60 days of the date of making the payment and are in good condition, to the satisfaction of the LIO.


Loan may be renewed at the discretion of the LIO for a further period, provided no other reader has applied for the book in the meantime.


Any book in the stock of the Library except fiction may be reserved for a reader on completion of the appropriate form an payment of the cost of notification that the book is available. No such book shall be reserved for more than 3 days after the notification has been posted.


The LIO may lend books to government and semi-government libraries and institutions on personal responsibility of the officer borrowing them, who shall be bound by these rules.


The LIO may lend books to non-political and non-sectarian organizations for specific purpose on the written guarantee of the head of that organization that shall be bound by these rules.


A week's notice shall be given before a security deposit is withdrawn. All such applications shall be made to the LIO on the prescribed form. The payment shall be made by cheque or by money order, in which case postal charges shall be borne by the applicant.


No security deposit shall be repaid until all the books outstanding against the member and his membership card have been duly returned and all the dues from him are paid.


The privileges conferred on the members and others under the rules cannot be claimed by them as a matter of right.


If a member defaults in returning the book or in payment of any amount due from him/her or in case a member fails to observe the rules of the Library or in case of any other complaint against the member, the LIO, or the DD(A) or the Chairman or any other official acting on their behalf, may approach the employer or guardian or parent or head of the Institution in this connection and all such complaints shall be brought to their notice irrespective of the fact whether or not they have been introduced to the membership on their Recommendations.

If any action is taken by the LIO or the DD(A) as stated above it may be communicated to the employer, guardian, parent or head of the institution as the case may be.


The LIO or any person exercising the powers of the LIO, may cancel the membership of a person and debar him/her from future enrollment for a period not exceeding five years provided that where membership is proposed to be cancelled or a member is proposed to be debarred from future enrollment the office concerned, to show cause a notice to be served on the member concerned, to show cause against the same and hold such enquiry personally or through any other officer as he deems fit. An appeal in writing against Cancellation of such membership or against an order debarring him/her from fresh enrollment may be addressed to the Chairman within 30 days of the date of communication of the order and subject to the decision of the appeal, the order shall be final and binding.

A notice for showing cause may be delivered personally or sent by registered post, acknowledgement due or under certificate of posting on the address given by the member in this application for membership, and posting of notice of such address shall be deemed sufficient service. The Chairman of the Board may either confirm or reverse or modify the order or order a fresh enquiry or take additional evidence or pass such orders as may be just equitable or proper as he deems fit under the circumstances of the case. The acting Chairman or acting LIO shall have like powers.


The LIO or the DD(A) or the Chairman shall cause a list of defaulters, or the persons, debarred from any privilege of admission or use of the library or of persons whose membership has been cancelled whether an appeal has been filed or not or suspended, or against whom any other action has been taken to be placed on the notice board of the library stating the reasons resulting into such action and a copy of such lists shall be forwarded to every In-charge of section or head of department of the Library for information

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