Library Membership Rules


1. Only persons residing or having their place or business within the Union Territory of Delhi Shall be registered as members. Reading materials shall be lent for home reading only to registered members.

To enroll the membership to the residents of NCR on the same norm as applicable to the residents of Delhi, subject to condition that they have to deposit an amount of Rs. 1000/- per member as a Security Deposit refundable upon surrender of the membership without making payment of interest thereon.

Temporary membership of the library to the outstation students shall be provided  for a period of six months on production of the any of the documents viz. (a) Photo ID Card of Educational Institute where the student is studying (b) Voter / Election ID Card (C) Driving License (d) Passport and accompanied with a security Deposit of Rs. 1000/-



Persons falling under the below mentioned categories may be enrolled as members of the Library on their own responsibility:
(i) (a)  A member of Parliament.
  (b)  A member of the Metropolitan Council, Delhi.
  (c)  A member of Local Body or a President, RWA (Regd.) within Delhi.
  (d)  A registered medical practitioner holding M.B.B.S or B.I.M.S. Qualification.
  (e)  A Gazetted Officer of Government of India, Delhi Administration, or any other State of India, stationed in Delhi.
  (f)  An Officer of Semi-Government Institution or Public undertaking equivalent in rank to a Government Gazetted Officer, as approved by the Director General from time to time.
  (g)  A Taxpayer paying tax on immovable property or income or land revenue in his own name. (All tax-payers shall produce the latest receipt or a certificate of the tax having been paid, issued by the appropriate authority, to the satisfaction of the Director General or his representative.
  (h)  The head of a recognised educational institution located in Delhi. (A recognised educational Institutional means one recognised by a Statutory University located in Delhi, or by the Directorate of Education, Delhi or by any Municipal Authority within Delhi).
  (i)  Lecturers of colleges affiliated to the Statutory Universities located in Delhi.
  (j) Librarians of Government, Semi Government Institutions (including recognised Higher Secondary Schools) and other Libraries located in Delhi and recognised by the Director  General for this purpose.
  (k)  The head of banks or insurance companies located in Delhi and those of their branches and such other officers recognised by the Director General for this purpose.
  (l)  Managing Directors and Administrative Officers of Limited Companies (Established under the Indian Companies Act) located in Delhi and recognised by the Director General for this purpose.
  (m)  A Lawyer / A Charter Accountant.
  (n)  A Notary Public / An Oath Commissioner.
  (o)  An editor of a newspaper or journal published from Delhi, which has been continuously in circulation for at least five years.
  (p)  An Inspector, Deputy Officer and Station Headquarters Officer of the Police Department, Delhi.
  (q)  A member of Delhi Library Board.
  NOTE: A person in the above mentioned categories applying for membership shall affix his name and office stamp under his signature or otherwise satisfy the Director General or his representative that he is proper person.
(ii)  Persons who are not eligible to become members under Rule 2(i) may be registered as members on the recommendation of those enumerated under aforesaid Rule as stipulated below: -
    Any person residing or having his place of business within the area of the Library and recommended by either of the above categories mentioned in section (i).
  NOTE: Applicant must see that the application bears the stamp of the recommended at the appropriate place in a legible manner.
(iii)    Any person not eligible under Rule 2(i) and unable or not desiring to obtain the recommendation as required under 2(ii) may be registered as a member against a refundable cash security deposit of Rs.1000/-. The refund of the security deposit must be claimed within six months from the date of termination expiry of membership, otherwise it shall lapse to the Board).
(iv) (a)  Registered members in the age group five to fifteen will be entitled to borrow books from the Children Department. Children below the of five years shall be entitled only to the use of Children's Activity Room and shall be escorted by their parents or guardians.
  (b)  Registered members above the age of fifteen shall be entitled to borrow books from Adult Lending Department.
  (c) The staff of the Delhi Public Library is not allowed to recommend a member of the Public for membership of the Library.
  (d) The Director General  reserves to himself the right to refuse any application for membership without assigning any reason, there of, and the Director General's decision in such cases shall be final and binding.
  (e) The Director General may debar a person from recommending applications for membership if such a person is found to have recommend application without proper verification of the antecedents and particulars of the applications. The Director shall inform the person concerned about his decision through a letter sent under certificate of posting. The person concerned may appeal against the decision of the Director  General to the Chairman within thirty days of the issue of letter sent by the Director General. The decision of the Chairman shall be final and binding in all such cases.

The Acting Chairman and the Acting Director General shall have like powers.
3. To become a member of DPL all you need to do is to download the membership application form available on DPL website. Fill the details and got the signature of your parent/guardian if you are below 18 years. The duly filled membership application should be attested by any responsible person (such as Gazetted officers/Principal/Lecturer/Elected Public Representative/MBBS Doctor/Lawyer/Bank Manager etc.) as provided under the Library Rules and submit the membership application form at the registration counter along with Rs.50.00 for adults and Rs. 30.00 for children. Those who are unable to obtain attestation can become member by depositing refundable security deposit of Rs. 1000/-.

Admission to the Library:
4. The public shall be admitted to the Library or any of its units only during its working hours, which shall be fixed by the Director General from time to time.

Provided that person not of sound mind or found undesirable or offensively unclean in person or dress or intoxicated or suffering from any infectious disease shall not be admitted into the Library.

Further provided that the Director General  or any other official of the Library who is acting as Head/Incharge of a Department/Section may refuse admittance to any person (whether member or non-member) to the Library or any Section or Department thereof without assigning any reason, therefore, if in the opinion of the official concerned it is not desirable to allow him admittance. The official above named may remove or cause to be removed such person from the Library for similar reasons.
5. Sticks, umbrellas, boxes, printed material in loose or in bound form and other receptacles shall be left at the entrance. The Library, shall not, however, be responsible for any loss or damage done to or replacement made of the articles deposited at the lockers.
6. (a) The person so depositing the property shall be required to pay fine per day if the property is not claimed the same day. If, however, the property is not claimed within one week it will be treated as the property of the Board may be auctioned at the discretion of the Director General. In cases where the property is claimed after one week's time provided it has not been auctioned, it may be returned to the depositor at the discretion of the Director General against payment of the fine. 

(b) In case the token issued to the depositor is lost by him/her shall be required to pay Rs. 0.50 paise as penalty and the articles will be returned to him/her on production of sufficient proof regarding identity.
7. A person shall not bring into any part of the building any wheeled vehicle or conveyance. Those shall be parked only at the place provided for the purpose. The owner of such vehicles shall make their own arrangements for the safe custody of their vehicles. The Board and other officials of the Library shall not be responsible for any loss or damage done to such vehicles while parked inside Library premises.
8. Dogs and other animals shall not be admitted.
9. Silence shall be observed in the Library
10. Spiting and smoking are strictly prohibited.
11. Sleeping is strictly prohibited.
12. A person shall not partake refreshments except at a place provided for the purpose.
13. The member and other visiting the Library shall be bound by these rules and procedures and practices in force from time to time.
  Reference Library
14. Any person over the age of 15 and such others as the Director General, may permit, may enter the Reference Library or Reading Room. Entry into the Reference Library or the Reading Room shall be deemed to be an assent to the rules in force for the time being.
15. Books and other reading material must not be removed from the Reference Library, Readers will be held responsible for books issued to or consulted by them inside the Reference Library for any loss or damage such books may sustain.
16. No person shall write upon, damage or mark upon any book manuscript belonging to the Library.
17. Readers shall be responsible for any damage done to the Books or other property belonging to the Library and shall be required to replace such books or other property damaged or pay the value thereof. If one book of a set is damaged the person responsible shall be liable to replace the whole set or pay the value thereof.
18. A person shall not do a tracing or any portion of any book or use mechanical reproduction without the express permission of the Director General. Before leaving the Library readers shall return to the Reference Assistant books, manuscripts or maps, specially requisitioned for consultation.
19. In special circumstances the Director General may at his discretion permit certain books to be borrowed from the Reference Library for a limited period. The decision of the Director General in all such cases shall be final and binding,

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