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Braille Library Rules


1. The readers shall be admitted to the Braille Section of the Library only during the working hours of the Braille Section, which shall be fixed by the Director-General from time to time.
2. The Braille Section is open only to blind and semi-blind persons residing or having their place of business in the Union Territory of Delhi.
3. Any blind or semi-blind person can enroll as a member of the Braille Section after getting filled the prescribed form of enrollment (obtainable from the Braille Section free of cost) and putting the thumb impression on it. The thumb impression is to be attested by a responsible person acceptable to the Director-General, Delhi Public Library.
4. Every member shall be issued one membership token bearing the registration number, name and address. The member shall be entitled to borrow on loan five books at a time.
5. Books shall be issued to the members in the following manner.
(a) Personally to the member against his/her filling up the prescribed requisition form bearing his/her thumb impression.
(b) By post against his/her requisition on the prescribed form bearing his/her thumb impression attested by a person or persons acceptable to the Director-General.
(c) Through his/her representative on letter of authority bearing his thumb impression attested by a person or persons acceptable to the Director General.
6. Membership shall remain in force for 60 months from the date of enrollment unless previously surrendered or cancelled. The loan of books shall, however, be discontinued a fortnight before the expire of the membership during which period the member may renew his/her membership.
7. The member shall be responsible for all the books issued to him/her under the rule 5 above.
8. The books shall be issued in a canvas bag and the reader shall be responsible for the damage or loss of the books and the bag. The cost of the book, the bag, the jacket, binding charges, or any other expenses including the legal charges incurred in endeavouring to secure the return of the book or the recovery of the cost shall be paid for by the reader by whom the book is borrowed. Any liabilities incurred by a reader in the over retention of a book must be discharged before the book borrowed is returned or any other book is issued.
9. If one book of a set is damaged or lost the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set or pay the cost thereof within one week from the date of report of loss or damage.
10. Books on loan shall be returned within 28 days of their issue (excluding the date of borrowing) or by the due date stamped on the book.
11. Books on loan can be recalled and the loan terminated at any time at the discretion of the Director-General.
12. If a borrower fails to return the books on the due date on more than three occasions during a period of six consecutive months or is found to be a habitual defaulter in the return of books or the observance of rules, his/her membership shall first be suspended for a period of three months and then, if necessary, cancelled and/or he/she shall be debarred from membership up to a period of one year at the discretion of the Director-General, whose decision shall be final and binding.
13. The replacement cost of the lost books and/or bags charged from a member can be refunded to him/her provided these are returned in good condition to the satisfaction of the Director-General, within 60 days of the date of making the payment.
14. The loan may be renewed at the discretion of the Director-General for a further period provided no other reader has applied for the book in the meantime.
15. If a member defaults in making the payment of the amount due from him/her or in case fails to observe the rules of the library or in case of any other complaint against the member, the Director-General or the Secretary or the Chairman or any other official acting on their behalf may approach the employer or guardian or Head of the Institution in this connection and all such complaints shall be brought to their notice irrespective of the fact whether or not the member has obtained membership on their recommendation. Any action taken by the Library Authorities shall also be communicated to the employer, guardian, Head of Institution as the case may be.
16. The Director-General, the Secretary, the Chairman, or any other official of the library or an Incharge of a particular Department or Section may refuse admittance to any person (whether member or non-member) to the Library or any Section or Department thereof, without assigning any reason therefore, if in the opinion of the official concerned it is not desirable to allow him admittance, the officers above named may remove or cause to be removed such persons from the library for similar reasons.
17. The privileges conferred on the members and others under the rules cannot be claimed by them as a matter of right.
18. The Director-General is authorized to refuse any application for membership without assigning any reason thereof and the Director General's decision in such cases shall be final and binding.
  N.B. For the attestation of the admission form or thumb impression any relation or teacher with whom the blind reader is permanently residing would be acceptable to the Director-General. The name, relationship to the member and specimen signature of such relation or teacher may be furnished to the Director-General.
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